day 2.21

baby possum who lived with us for a couple days

this guy found his way into gavin’s trailer & fell asleep on his pile of dirty clothes.  he was so CUTE (what you can’t see here is how his tail wrapped around my wrist when i picked him up) so of course we both thot about keeping him as a pet, but of course that’s not a good idea, so i took him to the wildlife care center.  they agreed he wouldn’t have much chance of getting back to his family, & none of surviving by himself.  he’s been placed with other possums his age to have possum play while he grows up enuf to be set free.  they had 10 other babies!

this is sunday at end of week 3, & ordinarily i would be having next treatment tomorrow, but i got bumped to wednesday ‘cos of the holiday.  so i’m getting a REALLY long weekend!  grateful for it too.  i worked 3 afternoons at the library, housemanaged at dell’arte on thursday nite, had a doing errands day in eureka on friday, visited with claudia at her place yesterday, had brunch in trinidad with lezley today.  tomorrow i think i’d better tackle the chicken coop, it’s gross, & the hens are not laying in it, they’ll start leaving their eggs in it again once i’ve cleaned it out & spread fresh straw all around.

if you don’t want to sit thru the video report (it’s long, i rambled & hit my camera’s 10 minute limit again), here’s the word from the oncologist, when i saw him on friday:  “you’re doing spectacularly well”.  OK then.  wish i weren’t so tired, tho.

…because monday’s memorial day, as i was saying when i reached the 10minute cutoff…

the frogs i mentioned.  can’t tell here, but the one that looks mostly yellow from underneath has red & green on it’s back, really gorgeous.


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