since i’m using this as a cancer journal, some background…

fall 2008 i was diagnosed with hi grade ovarian & uterine cancer (“concurrent stage 1s” they said at the time, i’m not so sure).  beautiful  laproscopic surgery at UCSF in december to take out all the offending parts.  extended recuperation time ‘cos i had bleeding from vaginal wound, so didn’t start chemo until april.

i went thru a long & torturous decision making process about the chemo, sure didn’t want to have to do it.  but i finally asked for a sign, & got it.  & handled it pretty well the first round, which i was of course assuming would be the only round.  my UCSF oncologist assumed so too, he was sure we got it all.

but this is a monster cancer, & wants to kill me way sooner than i’m gonna be ready to go.  so, when it returned  last fall, i knew i’d have to do it again.  & perhaps again.  the oncologists agree, since it came back once, it’ll probly keep coming back, & long remissions (they called 1 1/2 years a long remission!  i guess it is, for this cancer) are what we’ll be hoping for.

am following a regimen of herbs & supplements prescribed for me by michael broffman of pine street clinic in san anselmo, things he’s convinced will help my body withstand the chemo & also discourage cancer’s return.  this time i won’t stop taking them a few months after chemo because of the expense!

cancer journal from last time:



5 Comments to “About”

  1. I’m glad you’re doing this. Holler if you need anything.

  2. Sweet Pamela, love your blog / journal of honesty and courage. I support you every step of the way

  3. Dear friend I finally found my way to your blog. Glad to know how things are going….

  4. oops guess you will not know this is from Diane Sharpenpencil

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